Malcolm Out Loud

Malcolm Out Loud

After hosting a successful radio show on afternoon drive time, Malcolm looked to engage his audience using Web TV. Malcolm tackles a variety of topics: from political coverage to business know-how, from education reform to breast cancer detection. How to improve the foster care system, opening up U.S./Cuba travel or a behind-the-scenes look at the media. The show also offers resources for those interested in developing their life-skills through Brink Thinking®.

This weekly news magazine brings insightful, open minded and stimulating conversations that captivate his audience. Malcolm’s direct approach, frankness and trademark outburst of humor allows people to be themselves. MalcolmOutLoud.TV is a great medium to reach out to and engage those interested in growing their businesses and careers as well as reaching a higher level of performance.

His guest list includes Florida’s 45th Governor Rick Scott, breast cancer detection spokesperson Dusty Showers, head of business group AIF Barney Bishop, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, CEO of Big Boy Restaurants Keith Sirois, Department of Children and Families George Sheldon and fitness guru Kelly Murphy.

“If we can get the right voices and ears to the table, then dialogue and debate will most certainly turn into clarity and conclusions. When open-minded people sit down at the table to engage in discussion, almost anything is possible.” – Malcolm Out Loud

He’s witty, articulate, controversial and is NO HOLDS BARRED.

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About Malcolm Out Loud

The ups and downs of life have helped Malcolm articulate what he believes to be his mission and his singular greatest contribution: helping others Think on the Brink. It feels that we are at a standstill: from the slow economy to the partisan politics, and from families to individual lifepaths ravaged by the recession. “Brink Thinking®” challenges individuals to outsmart obstacles and competition by contemplating new, creative solutions to problems; regardless how simple or complex the problem. From the conception of an idea, to implementing the process of achieving that idea, and daring the results; Malcolm Out Loud’s “Brink Thinking®” has been used by many business executives and community leaders.

Today Malcolm teaches those who want to succeed through his breakthrough concept “Brink Thinking®”; showing them how to apply the concept within their own business or life goals. He spreads the word through his books, the Brink Thinking® blog, motivational speaking and TV Show.

Malcolm adeptly blends the left-brain side of business with his creative right-brain thinking. He launched his first business at a very young age and found his passion in the world of marketing. He has been described as a breath of fresh air in an often stale and overcrowded boardroom filled by those lacking courage or vision. After finding success leading a worldwide marketing and advertising agency for over 25 years, Malcolm launched Malcolm Out Loud. His mission is to engage others to maximize lifes opportunities through Brink Thinking®.